SYNC Innovations Pty Ltd

SYNC Innovations Pty Ltd
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Registered 22/08/2019

SYNC was established to act on the following:

COOPERATION IN AGRICULTUAL PROBLEM SOLVING – Developing a strategy to improve results in Artificial Breeding

Australia has a competitive advantage in the lamb and sheep meat industry as one of the world’s largest and most efficient producers of commercial lamb. This competitive advantage has been enhanced by decades of research & development aimed at improving genetic gain through Artificial Breeding (AB) programs, the key driver being the use of frozen semen in laparoscopic insemination programs.
The foundation of these sciences has changed little over time and in recent years the industry has encountered a number of problems which have impacted on its ability to drive efficiency and maintain its competitive advantage.
Results of these programs, both Artificial Insemination (AI) and Embryo Transfer (ET) have seen significant decline in recent years.
It has not yet been determined what exactly has caused this “crash” in the success rate of AI in sheep, but some thoughts include the possible reduction of semen quality, pasture effects ( high clover populations appear to decrease fertility) and reduced drug quality, stability and animal tolerance.
In dairy cattle, there is substantial evidence that fertility has decreased with increased milk yield. High production has increased the number of silent heats, disrupted hormonal equilibrium reducing oestrus intensity and decreased ovulation reliability.
Compounding high production achievements in stud sheep breeding may therefore be effecting conception in frozen semen laparoscopic insemination programs.
A collaborative approach between artificial breeding companies, (Advanced Breeding Services and Tatiara Artificial Breeders) and stud sheep breeders (Australis White Dorper Stud, Genelink Dorper Stud, Glen Park Ultra White Stud and Detpa Grove and Anden White Suffolk Studs) have focused on Timed Ovulation Technology – directed at the predictable induction of ovulation within a relatively narrow “window” of time in sheep in their oestrus phase and inseminating with frozen semen within that window.
Over the past two years the above sheep studs have used experimental protocols in their AB programs designed to laparoscopically inseminate ewes as close to ovulation as possible to maximise fertilisation.
Results have been encouraging:
• Experimental frozen semen laparoscopic insemination programs have achieved conception rates from 75 – 95% compared to control groups with conception rates from 45 – 60 %.
• Experimental frozen semen laparoscopic insemination programs during ET have routinely produced fertilisation rates above 95%
Our team is committed to providing the resources to refine the timed ovulation technology with the aim of establishing protocols that give uniform results over the breeding season with both maiden and adult sheep.
Our Progress to Date:
An Australian Innovation Patent certified on 24/02/2021


Fifth Ivanhoe Dorper Ram Sale – Friday 19th February 2021


Venue: Ivanhoe Rodeo grounds.
Agents: Nutrien Livestock
Redrock White Dorpers 15 rams
Edson Blacks 15 rams
GlenPark UltraWhites 30 rams
Genenelink Dorpers 15 rams
Australis White Dorpers 14 rams
Total 89 rams

Registered Buyers 29
Gross $266,750.00
Average $2,997.00



Following a sustained dry period the Ivanhoe district was experiencing a flush season with the country looking in great heart. Neighbouring regions to the North, South and East had also experienced drought breaking rains. However conditions continued to be dry to East as far as Broken Hill and beyond.

Venders were confident of a good sale given the conditions and buoyant industry sales over previous months but were still wary after 3 years of average ram prices during prevailing drought conditions and with Eastern Region of DSSA holding their annual ram sale on the same day at Dubbo.

The upset price was set quite low as all vendors and agents wanted to encourage buyers to engage with the even, quality line up of rams.

The Nutrien team from Hay headed by Geoff McDougall was enthusiastically supported by Troy Hartman now based in Broken Hill with Haydn McKay from Nutrien Deniliquin running the books with his usual style. Nutrien auctioneer, Geoff McCallum was run off his feet with rapid-fire bids from the auction crowd and bids cascading from Troy’s phone. Geoff was a great auctioneer to see in action handling the vendor and phone bids in his stride. The sale was all over in an exciting 90 minutes for an outstanding result and overall average of just under $3,000.00

Top Priced Dorper – Glen Park 565 $5,600

Top riced UltraWhite – Glen Park 586 $4,200

Top priced White Dorper – Australis 9202 $4,800

Top priced Dorper Ram – GP 565 Used at Genelink 2019 breeding program sold for $5600

Top priced Genelink Ram – 9153 sold for $3750